Venue capacity and registration process


Do we know the capacity of the event and whether this is invite only event or allowed for general public (like me) to join? Would like to know sooner than later so that I can decide which day I should arrive Berlin.




Welcome @makoto!

You have great timing. We were just discussing how registration should really work for the event. We have about 51 people on the wiki page at ETH magicians, and our venue can hold about 80 sitting. It can fit 150 standing, but the interactive nature of the event will probably not work well with that many people in attendance, so I think we are going to try and limit to 80 max (which is already a large number).

Currently several teams have a larger attendance and one item we need to discuss is if we need limits on per-team attendance, so we can allow other voices to join before we hit capacity. The event is free and open, although due to this capacity limit we are hoping to ensure that only those in the security auditing and development spaces with significant experience will attend.

We will have full A/V recordings available publicly (thanks to Livepeer!) and I will include a short summary in my talk on following a secure development process at ETH Berlin. This is to ensure that those who are curious are able to satisfy their curiosity without overcrowding the event and impacting the important discussions we will be having.


I see. I am currently organising workshop & hackathon for ENS at and having similar problem. What I am doing right now is to invite half of participants through EventBrite (in our case restricted to have 2 per company) and then made the rest open to public using my own event registration dapp called BlockParty . It takes 0.02 ETH as deposit to prevent no-shows and split among participants if they don’t turn up (for additional excitement) . Josef Jelacic from UX and Adoption unconf@prague used it in the similar way last month and worked fine. Let me know if you guys are interested in using it. Happy to help.


That is good information, thanks!


Very cool event, and good suggestions, thanks


Hi, I think I was in the invitation list which was on but the link seems taken out. How do I get to know I am still on the list, or do I get any notification about the event detail? I don’t think my contact detail so wondering how the organiser notify the participants.


Good point!

Yes, you are on the list. We removed the access to the list to: 1) stop people from asking about it (the list is full and we are printing name tags!) And 2) ensure I wasn’t sharing everyone’s names in attendance to the internet (some people are sensitive about their names being shared)

I can respond here if you would like to confirm your attendance, or if no one has any complaints I can share it here. The FEM post was getting way too many hits.


Unfortunetely, I won’t be able to make it to Berlin tomorrow. :frowning:

If you have a waiting list, please assign my spot to someone else. Thanks and have a nice gathering!



If there is no waiting list, I’d like to get yours slot - I’ll be definitely in Berlin tomorrow and want to visit the unconf


I’m kind of in a pickle here : I thought I expressed my desire to join a long time ago and somehow assumed that was enough. However, I can’t seem to be able to verify whether I was added to the list or not. Any chance @fubuloubu or other could confirm this? My name is Philippe Castonguay.

Thanks a lot and hoping to see you tomorrow, at the unconf or not!